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Web Developer

I am a web developer with a preference for the Microsoft stack. I like Visual Sudio, ASP.NET, C♯ and SQL Server. I am also a Microsoft Sharepoint Developer coding in XML and XSLT with lots of Javascript and jQuery.

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UI Developer

I have a long history of web design experience. I'm up to speed on the latest HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I make beautiful interfaces in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, then slice and dice them into modern code.

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Team Lead

I have experience managing the day-to-day activities of a software development team focused on the support and maintenance of customer-facing web applications. I assist in assigning, scheduling and managing a team of go-getters.

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About Me

Whether it be in my personal life or in a work environment, I always strive to be a person of integrity who leads by example no matter how big the challenge. I value honesty and straight­forwardness and believe that any problem can be solved, and any challenge overcome, with deter­mination and hard work. I currently reside in the Wash­ington, DC area with my family. My personal interests include biking, skiing, golf and spending time with family and friends.

Skills & Experience

Lead Web Developer
2010 - Present

As a lead web developer for CACI I am responsible for designing and programming enterprise-class web applications as well as leading a team of other developers. I possess expertise in the following programming languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery, XML and XSLT as well as Microsoft Sharepoint, ASP.NET and C♯. I also have experience in Microsoft SQL Server, Angular and other frameworks. My expertise in the entire Microsoft web development stack allows me to create web applications, web services, API’s, reports and features from start to finish that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

My day-to-day duties are extremly diverse and include writing application code on the server side as well as the web front-end, analyzing requirements, customer interface, leading a team of seven, fielding trouble tickets and participating in business development activities.

As a team lead I am also responsible for the work of a team of web designers and developers. It is ultimately my responsibility that all of the developers in my team are adhering to the software quality standards agreed by my team and the wider development team so that work is done to the highest possible quality.

Web Designer & Web Master
2007 - 2010

As the web master for MadLax Inc, I was responsible for managing both the company’s website and data management systems while overseeing the creation of all marketing materials. These responsibilities enabled me to lead all marketing and design projects through each step of the project life cycle while remaining hands-on in the creation of animations, retail apparel, website design, and PDF documents. I accomplished this while simultaneously administering MadLax’s online stores, front end pages, and database functions. Under my tenure, the company’s internet sales revenue doubled each year for three years.

Graphic Designer
2006 - 2007

As a visual information production associate for Computer Science Corporation, I worked in support of the Department of Defense (DOD) on a variety of projects and created print and media for briefings, proposals, posters, brochures, training manuals, and web content media. While contracted to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), I obtained a clearance and contributed to projects which supported the MDA.

Assistant Web Developer
2006 - 2007

While working as an assistant web developer at Limestone College, I created and designed version 2.0 of Limestone.edu while also administering every aspect of the site. From content management to programming, I oversaw the day-to-day operations of the webpage and ensured that its resources were available to users at all times. By listening to students and staff regarding their user experiences, and using that feedback to guide my work, I was able to improve the overall usability and functionality of the site.

Web Designer
2005 - 2006

As a web designer for SiteWhirks, I was tasked with creating user interfaces and website front end pages. During that time, I worked as a liaison between clients, software developers, and project leaders to ensure cohesive web designs and overall client satisfaction. By staying detail oriented and communicating with team members, I was able to produce numerous projects on time that were well received by clients. Duties included creating website composites, optimizing images and integrating designs into a Cold Fusion content management system.

  • C♯
  • Web Forms
  • WCF
  • REST
  • HTML 5, CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • Sharepoint
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML Email
  • Some Powershell
  • Some PHP, Coldfusion
  • Visual Studio
  • SQL Server
  • IIS
  • Sharepoint Designer
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sublime Text
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • WAMP
  • Wordpress
  • Microsoft Office
  • Virtual Box
  • Firebug
  • CACI Encore Acheiver – 2015
  • ICy Award – 2014
  • CACI Recognition – 2013
  • ICy Award – 2012
  • w3Awards, Gold
  • CACI Recognition – 2011
  • CACI Recognition – 2011
  • Available Upon Request


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